XXL recently caught up with Warren G to talk about his upcoming as-of-yet untitled EP with his 2-1-3 partner the late Nate Dogg. Although the Regulator kept many of the details about the project under wraps, he did indicate that he will helm the entirety of its production and that Game, Bun B and many others will feature alongside him and Nate.

“Yeah, on this I’m handling all of the production [on the EP],” he said. “All these motherfuckers can say they are down and say this and say that, but then when you reach out to them it’s a different story. So I just said to myself, rather than just sit up there and try and reach out to people I will just do it myself. Me and him made hit records anyway…it’s me, and Nate, Game and Bun B. I don’t want to mention the other cats’ names yet because they are confirmed, but they haven’t done their parts yet. So when they do their parts then, boom, they will be a part of it. But there are a lot of people coming in to be a part of the project. But you know it’s just an EP, not like it’s a full album. It’s showing love to the homeboy and keeping his music up in the air and letting people hear unreleased music that we did that they keep asking for.”

Warren also discussed his upcoming sequel to his 1994 debut Regulate…G-Funk Era. He explained that his impending project may end up being his final release as a rapper, saying that he’s looking to focus primarily on production in his late career.



“I’m doing Regulate the G-Funk Era Pt. 2,” he explained. “That’s going to be my last project. Then I’m tying up my Chucks. I’m taking off my Chucks, tying them together and hanging them up on the wire. I’m doing straight production after that…if Pt. 2 does as well as I think it [will], I may do a three, but I’m not really trippin’. I’m thinking I’m just going to do Pt. 2 and then I’m going to shut it down. Then just work with new artists, new young talent, because I know a few cats that I really want to work with. They know how to make good records; they know how to make songs. A lot of rappers can rap music, but they don’t know how to make a record. You can’t talk about rims and all this throwing up money, all that shit all the time. You got to touch on real shit sometimes.”

The full interview can be read via XXL’s website.

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