Rapper Bow Wow is wanted for arrest in Georgia. The former So So Def/Sony Records star reportedly owes $100,000 to a Tennessee-based coach company for 2009 tour-bus services.

According to TMZ.com, in October 2011 a Georgia judge asked Bow Wow to produce documents after the trial had been moved to the rapper’s state of residence. As Bow Wow has reportedly not acted on the judges orders, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Now signed to Cash Money Records, Bow Wow’s Underrated is slated to drop later this year.

[February 6th]

UPDATE: Bow Wow is off the hook in a case where he owed over $92,749 to a bus company. According to TMZ, the rapper cut a check for $90,000 after a Georgia judge held him in contempt for ignoring a ruling to pay the company. It is unclear if the arrest warrant has been lifted, but now that the debt is settled, it will most likely be dismissed.