It’s been a minute since news broke about the Feds trying to work on a case against Irv Gotti and his company Murder Inc. for illegal money laundering among other things including his friendship with Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

Irv Gotti has consistently denied any illegal misdeeds with “Supreme” although a audit of Murder Inc.’s records show the purchase of a $75,000 Range Rover for McGriff and $300,000 used to finance the straight to video movie “Crime Partners 2000”. “It was a gift. If I know my friend is going to jail and he wants a Range Rover, and it’s the last thing he gets to do is drive around in the Range Rover, I’ll buy it”, Gotti said in an interview with the Associated Press. “He may never get out the rest of his life. Understand? I’m feeling bad for the guy. My goal is to do all I can for a close friend of mine as he gets psyched up to deal with incarceration”.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made Gotti says the wave of controversy is still hurting his business. “It’s crippling me. You have no idea. The bank cut us off. The landlord kicked us out. I love America, man, but this here, I don’t understand. Still, I have faith. I believe when the prosecutors finish reviewing everything, they will learn I did nothing wrong. In the end, the truth will come out. There is no money laundering. There is no extortion. There is no racketeering conspiracy. I put out hits that make millions of dollars. I don’t need to do anything illegal. In my work, I hire lots of street guys and I always preach the same thing. I say, “Why do crime when there is so much legitimate money out there? Use your brain. The same effort you’re putting into crime, put it into something legitimate? like music. You’ll get a better return. Crime is stupid.”