During a radio interview with 107.5’s DJ MoonDawg, Brooklyn rapper Red Café revealed that before the label war over fellow rapper French Montana even began he first brought up the idea of signing French to Diddy and Bad Boy Records.

“Me and French been rocking for years. I been watching French and French had a plan and he put his plan in motion. And his plan is blossoming now into something that’s real beautiful,” Red Café explained. “His grind is impeccable. I respect French totally. I brought the idea to Puff to sign French. I was like ‘Yo dawg, this is my homie and this is what he doing.’ And you know Puff was in L.A…And this was before everybody else wanted him. We was like right there though, we was like right on the time before anybody else wanted to get down with his movement. I was like ‘Yo dawg, listen. Open ya ears up and focus up on this. This is a dope move.’ So I respect that I support French movement.”

On top of giving Diddy and Bad Boy Records the French Montana cosign, Red Café also warned French about signing to Akon’s label stressing that it probably wouldn’t be the smartest move for his career.

“I was in business with Akon and he was going over to Akon…I said ‘Dawg, I don’t know if that’s the move you want to make.’ I’mma keep it 100. ‘Kon is the homie, he’s a great person but business is business,” sad Red Café. “It is what it is. I gotta feed my family. Business is business. So French as my homie I was like ‘I don’t know if that’s the move you wanna do.’ But then I cosigned the Bad Boy move…I just think sky’s the limit with it. I think it’s a great thing.”

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