Charli Baltimore was down with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. at the height of its success, but left on her own terms. Speaking with Power 105’s Cherry Martinez, the rapstress explained that Gotti’s personal issues got in the way of success and that she decided to part ways with the imprint after riding with the crew for a minute.

“He had the ball, he just couldn’t get it in the hoop. I think a lot of it was personal issues. I don’t think it was even his business savvy. I think he just let certain things get in the way of what was important,” she said. “I feel like when I met Irv, he was one way and then as I was leaving, because I left Murder Inc., I wasn’t kicked off, I wasn’t dropped, I left. It was a little crazy. It was a little gangster, actually. We don’t got to get into the ifs, ands, and buts of what I did and how I did what I did, but it was a little gangster. Me and Irv didn’t speak for four years.”

Baltimore, who is working with producers Streetrunner, Mista Raja, Mr. Porter and Frequency as well as Joe Budden on her next LP, says that she recently spoke with Gotti to seek his opinion on new cuts.

“Actually, I was just talking to Irv recently where I kind of tried to pull him in a little bit with the record I’m doing, because I respect his ear so much. To me, he has a great ear and everybody, like I said, has their own opinion. But for me, creatively, we’re always on the same page. He’s able to bring out great things out of me creatively, as far as my writing.”

Watch the full interview below.

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