After releasing Houston: The Mixtape at the end of 2011, Slim Thug has many plans for 2012. During a recent interview with AllHipHop, Thugga shared more on his new collaborative project with Z-Ro and why he’s releasing a song a week through his Twitter account’s Thug Thursday series.

“I’m just having fun,” Thugga said in the interview. “That’s it, just going to the studio having fun with my patnas man. Ideas came and I just wanted to stay in the studio. All throughout my career, I never really liked being in the studio, but now I finally started enjoying it. Sitting with a producer and building, I’m finally enjoying it now.”

That enjoyment has allowed Slim to release many more tracks weekly, through a series now known as Thug Thursdays. Each Thursday, Slim Thug releases a new track, which he says has been fun. 

“We ain’t plan the mixtape or nothing, I just said I wanted to drop a track every Thursday,” Slim added. “Then we turned it into a mixtape and then my album. I’m just going to keep having fun, keep making music, stay in the studio and whatever it ends up on, it ends up on. I ain’t trippin, I’m having fun and getting money.”

On top of this, Slim is also working on an upcoming project with Z-Ro, which he is excited about. 

“We already did three or four songs already and we just now getting started,” he explained. “But we did a record the night before last and it came out real good, so I’m real excited about that.” 

Slim also shared that his new solo album will be out this year, saying it may even be released before the summer. 

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