According to rappers Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz not much has changed when it comes to the recording process for their sophomore album. The two Slaughterhouse members recently spoke with in regards to the recording process and shared that the only difference now is that they have more time and more money to dedicate towards their album

oeWell, the first one was six days this one was like 67 days, said Ortiz when comparing the recording process for both Slaughterhouse albums. oeI(TM)m just saying that we have a lot less time restraint. We(TM)re feeling free to be artists. We(TM)re working with different producers. We(TM)re spreading sessions out.

Budden also spoke on the fact that Slaughterhouse has more time to record this album and also revealed that they now have more money allocated to their project.

oeI think that the process is the same, Budden explained. oeWe picking beats in unison. We all going in different rooms, different beats, different verses, different zones so the process is the same but like Joell said we have more time and we have more money allocated to be able to do something. So now we just sit in a session and say ~Hey, maybe Nicki Minaj would sound good on that(TM)I think it(TM)s safe to say each one of us are approaching it like it(TM)s the most important album of any one of our careers.

When asked who they worked with this time around that they didn(TM)t have the opportunity to work with for their debut album both Budden and Ortiz didn(TM)t hesitate to mention Eminem.

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