Fans of rapper Fabolous may soon see another side of the rapper when his sixth studio album, Loso’s Way 2, is released. Fabolous explained to MTV News that on the album, which he describes as “a work-in-process,” he’d like to grow and evolve musically.  

“With the album, I’m looking to evolve as well. Musically, everything I do, I want to keep growing,” Fabolous explained to MTV News. “I think people have seen my growth album to album. From Ghetto Fabolous to Street Dreams to Real Talk to From Nothin’ to Somethin’ to Loso’s Way, and now they will continue to see that with Loso’s Way 2.”

In his interview with MTV News, Fabolous spoke on his three-year-old son and revealed that Loso’s Way 2 will also touch on his relationship with his son.

“It’s all a process for me; I’m in a different place,” said Fabolous. “My last album I was having my first son and now my son is almost four years old, so these are processes and you get to talk about those things. I will share them on the next album…Children change a lot of stuff in your life. They change the way you look at things and do things. And I think the music will reflect that, too.”

While fans of Fabolous may have to wait quite some time for the release of Loso’s Way 2, Fabolous did release There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3’s earlier this week to hold fans over until then.

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