Coming off of one of his most successful years to date, Cee Lo Green has big plans for 2012.

During an interview with the NY Times (via HipHopwired), he said that while backstage during the final episode of “The Voice,” the “Forget You” singer inked a deal with Mark Burnett for a reality show on British television titled Cee Lo Takes the U.K. The show follows Goodie Mob as they record their reunion album in London, England.

Additionally, the Soul Machine has lined up a theatrical show titled “Loberace” to run at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. For Cee Lo, the branding is a welcome opportunity.

“There’s security in being a brand; there’s certainty in being a brand,” he said. “McDonald’s is a brand. And when you get your fix for a Big Mac, where do you go? There’s only one place you can go for a Big Mac, and that’s big McDonald’s. But my brand has a broader horizon, because my brand is, ‘Whatever you think you want, I just may be able to give it to you.’ ”

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