With the recent release of his sophomore set The Earn, Diamond District’s yU is mindful of what his most recent project means to him.

In a recent interview with KevinNottingham.com, the DMV emcee breaks down his release, while keeping one eye focused on the future.

“For the most part, I wanted to put something out there to represent the place that I was in,” said yU of the album. “For the past like three, four years, it’s been a rough road and I’m glad to say that I made it through all of the things I was going through and [the record] is a reflection of that. Musically I wanted to show a growth past Before Taxes and I wanted to step up a little bit. I wanted the quality to improve over time…I didn’t want to do a drastic, like, go-all-in [record] with a million-dollar studio and that would be the first thing you hear. I wanted to grow up to an elevated sound and I felt like it did that.”

yU also discussed Diamond District’s next slew of moves. “2012 is going to be a very busy year. The Earn comes out, then next year we are looking at about five projects solo-wise, then Diamond District’s March on Washington.”

“Next year we also got the 1978ers project, an EP from myself and Oddisee, another project with the cat who produced [The Earn’s] “Write On,” his name is Usef Dinero from Pittsburgh,” he explained. “We got one project ready called Flying High which is a free download, and we’re gonna do something new also. Halloween of next year, I’m doing a project called Killer and recently I just put out a Garbage Beat Tape, the introduction for another instrumental album coming through Mello Music Group next year. So, a busy year.”

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