While rapper Action Bronson has made a name for himself with his music, years ago the rapper was actually quite the fashion connoisseur. Action Bronson recently spoke with Boylston Trading Co. in regards to his love for Karl Kani and Polo and also gave his thoughts on trends today.

“I was known to wear a lot of Karl Kani back in the day,” Action Bronson revealed. “The full vest, the vest with the short set. Everyone had the full-length jacket and the full length pants but I always went with the short vest match. The salmon color, emerald green, straight up with the badge, the cop badge, the Karl Kani motorcycle boot.”

Bronson’s love for Polo clothing even scored him a short meet and greet with Ralph Lauren himself.

“I used to go to Bloomingdale’s a lot and go take my little allowance money that my daddy gave me and go spend it on Polo clothing. Met the head dude over there, pause. He invited us to a party, pause, the spring lineup for the new Polo line.” Bronson explained. “It wasn’t that impressive, but at the end of the day we met Ralphy. He told us we looked great. I was rocking the suicide sweatshirt…We had like so many pieces on at that point. We had the waist piece. I had something over my shoulders. We used to just put on as many pieces of clothing as we can and just go out and walk around.”

While speaking on trends today Bronson spoke on the infamous skinny jeans and also expressed his disdain for rhinestone belts and studded sneakers.

“Trends today, shit it’s a tough one because growing up a lot of things that we did were ridiculous. Like what’s up with the one leg up on the jogging pants? I’m not into seeing guy’s whole asshole just walking down the street. You literally see like [a] woman, the underwear in the ass crack pause. Like ‘Yo, my man your shirt is way too short for the length of the pant being below the ass cheek cup. What are you doing? And don’t pair it with a rhinestone belt.’ Studded sneakers? Get the fuck out of here.”

Boylston Trading Co Presents ‘Action on Fashion’ from Boylston Trading Co on Vimeo.

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