Action Bronson spoke with MTV UK’s The Wrap Up this week with some insight on the state of the New York rap scene. The Queens newcomer admitted that the scene has changed, but its significant status is undeniable.

“New York rap, it’s lost its identity for a while,” he said. “Everyone’s trying to sound different [from conventional New York rap]. But everyone, they do them, that’s cool. I’m just gonna do what I know how to do and that’s make New York Hip Hop. Or just make Hip Hop in general because there’s no Hip Hop without New York.”

With just over a year and a half in the game, Bronson already receives comparisons with New York’s own Wu-Tang Clan, specifically Ghostface Killah. But he says there are others he’s more influenced by.

“My main influence is Kool G Rap and Cam’ron pretty much. If you were to mix those two people up, I wish that would be me. But once again, I’m not an actor, I don’t put voices on, I don’t do voice-overs, I’m not a Las Vegas act. I do me. This is my voice. I sound like nobody, I sound like me.” 

When he’s not being compared to New York rappers, he’s being asked about his relation to other white rappers, mainly Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly

“They’re from the South, I’m from Queens,” he said as a reminder. “They probably grew up in the same type of atmosphere, just in a different place. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. I didn’t grow up poor, but I didn’t grow up rich for sure. Being from Queens you’re exposed to a lot of different ethnicities and all kinds of people from different nations so you really don’t look at nothing but the person itself. So I expect everybody to do the same.”

Bronson is currently touring and working on a collaboration album with Statik Selektah titled Well Done.