With his career suffering after being banished from the Wu and hard times in his marriage, Cappadonna took the life of a homeless man. He and his wife could not come to an agreement on how to better their relationship, so Cap took it upon himself.

“I said [to] leave all the materialistic stuff behind and strengthen the foundation of our relationship,” Cappa told MTV. “It can’t be based upon money, fortune and fame. It has to be based upon knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I told her, ‘Let’s leave the house, let’s move away for another start.’ She didn’t want to do that. I said, ‘Well, I’m going to go move into the street as a bum. You keep the Cadillacs and Benzes, the houses and all of that.’ I gave away [most of] my clothes and all my jewelry. I resorted to the bitterness of the sidewalk. For eight months I [was] walking around, really in a bum state of mind. I came from nothing. For me to go back to nothing, I’m still in my element. The average rich person, for them to go to nothing would probably be their cause of death.”

Even though Cappa’s third album, “The Struggle,” will come out this August, he is still working as a cab driver to support his family. With his new album dropping, most wonder if there will be any sign of his former crew. Cappa says Inspectah Deck will appear on the album, and had some interesting things to say about his days in the Wu. “Through the course of time, we’ve never really been in each other’s lives like best friends. Outside of music, us 10 guys never say, ‘Yo, let’s go to a flick’ or ‘Can we just hang out today? Let’s go to park.’ I haven’t gotten a call from nobody in the Clan since I don’t know when. Nobody ever called me like ‘Yo, what’s going on, what’s really good? How are your triplets doing? How are you doing?’ It ain’t that kind of world.”