Young Jeezy recently stopped by KYLD WILD 94.9 to speak with host Nessa, who asked the rapper to run down his top five rappers, dead or alive. During the interview, he revealed an unlikely assortment of emcees, a combination of the deceased and contemporaries.

“Tupac, B-Legit, Juvenile, Scarface and Jeezy,” he said, swapping out his own name at Nessa’s request. “Ice Cube,” he added.

The Snowman also reflected on hurting his vocal chords from not knowing how to properly perform. He said that his nine months off from recording was a learning experience, and that he’s far more invigorated following his recovery.

“Nobody ever taught me how to perform, in the studio or whatever. I just had to learn on my own, and I was yelling when I was performing and I tore my vocal chords. I wasn’t able to talk for nine months. I had to have surgery and it was just different, because I felt like I was going to lose my gift at that point. But I told myself that if I got through it, I was going to give it 180 percent and I got through it. So that’s where I’ve been at – at 180 percent.”

Watch the interview below (57th Ave via HHNM).

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