While Harlem rapper Vado has made quite a name for himself in New York City and elsewhere in the Northeast the rapper revealed in an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that he has yet to achieve the amount of national recognition that he’d like.

“Not really,” said Vado when asked if he feels he’s where he needs to be on a national level. “But I’m still thankful cause I’m always doing shows and I always get love wherever I go. Like I said you need the right team behind you to branch off. It seems like I always hear things like ‘I’m only in NY. I’m only in NY rockin. People don’t rock with me out in the South.’ Or this and that, but everywhere I go I get love.”

Vado of course spoke on his newly released mixtape Slime Flu 2 and explained why Dipset founder Cam’ron wasn’t on the project.

“Cause it’s really my time. Shout out to Cam but a lot of people always say ‘Yo, all your songs is with Cam. You do everything with Cam.’ So I’m branching off doing my thing. So he letting me fly,” Vado explained. “It was something we both said ‘Yo, it’s time to do.’ Once I got signed it was time to start showing I’m my own man.”

Speaking further on Dipset, Vado explained why he’s gradually distanced himself from the crew and stressed that before anything he’s a solo artist.  

“Hopefully, if it’s gonna be an album I’ll definitely be on it,” said Vado when asked if he’ll be on the upcoming Dipset album. “But you know that was just something me and Cam spoke on in the beginning. I wasn’t built with them. I came after so at the same time I’m not gon’ jump into they situation in whatever they do. I’m an artist. I’m a solo artist so I can’t be too tight.”

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