In just a year, Hip Hop has seen not only the reunion of popular Harlem-based group Dipset, but also the emergence of local product and affiliate Vado. While the 26-year-old rapper has loyally taken a back seat to the crew’s latest events, Vado has proven his lyrical abilities alongside head honcho Cam’ron through their Boss Of All Bosses mixtape series. In the process, he’s swiftly become the new face representing New York’s gritty style, enhanced by his own moniker (“Violence And Drugs Only”).

Prior to the release of his much-anticipated mixtape Slime Flu, Vado spoke with DXnext about his ease of work with Cam’ron as well as befriending a fellow DXnext alum. Currently weighing his options with undisclosed major record labels to handle his proper debut album, the sky truly is the limit.

Influences: Cam’ron, Nas, Jay-Z, Mase, Big L.

Peer Influence: “Growing up, Jae Millz was my best friend. We grew up since ye’ high. He was rhyming at first, and you know me and him being so close, no homo, I just picked [up] on it. I started playing with the pen, people started feeling it, and I just kept going.”

Working With Killa: “There wasn’t pressure at all. To be honest, Cam was the best artist for me to work with because he’s from my neighborhood. I grew up on him, like he’s literally my favorite rapper. So, a lot of his content and what he says, I understood. I came from that. I was already relating to his type of music as far as how I rap. So I wasn’t nervous at all, the chemistry was incredible, that’s why all of our mixtapes are smashes.”

Process Of Picking Beats: “[Cam’ron and I] listen together. He’ll pick out some, I pick out some. I bring my beats, he’ll bring his beats. I’ll lay some songs, he’ll hear them and jump on them. He’ll lay some songs, I hear them and jump on them. That’s how we put the Boss Of All Bosses together. Then there’s a time where we ‘lock in’ for about a week, two weeks and just work.”

Internet Love On Leaks: “That’s just a taste of what I’m bought to serve y’all. That’s why I’m putting out songs every week, it just so happens that I’m getting a lot of love off of that. I put out ‘Goodfellas’ and they going crazy all on the web over it. I see that they really like that soulful music.”

Choosing E1 To Release Slime Flu: “They definitely show me love over there. [The] sky’s the limit with E1, they like family. With [Slime Flu] it’s definitely still a mixtape, but it has all original beats. I take everything serious. All of my mixtapes are gonna be albums. And when Cam heard it he was like we gotta put this in stores. We done gave them free [mixtapes]; Boss Of All Bosses [series] was like albums. So I said aight no problem.”    

Finding Studio Time With Donnis: “[Donnis is] a busy man, I’m a busy man. One time I texted him and I think he was in London; he be overseas and stuff, so we just haven’t gotten a chance. Sometimes it’s not all good with the, ‘I send you a track, you lay [your verse] and send it,’ you know? You wanna build with a person in the studio. I always kick it with him and [Donnis’ manager] Dan ‘The Man’ Solomito, I see him in Atlanta, so it’s all love. That’s my man, my slime.”

Future Collaborators: “Everyone, you know? I’m trying to go hard, like I’m not turning down no features. If anybody want a feature I’m doing it. I be on my Wayne shit, just work with everyone. I’m trying to burn every check and be that beast.”

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