Despite Pusha T’s G.O.O.D. Music solo deal the rapper explained in an interview with DJ Semtex that he still plans on making music with fellow Clipse member Malice. During the interview Pusha T also reemphasized the fact that Malice was the one who encouraged his pursuit of a solo music career.

“Nah, definitely not man,” said Pusha T when asked if The Clipse were no longer making music together. “The Clipse are definitely gonna continue making music. Right now, we’re just doing two separate projects…What’s so funny is Malice made the decision for me like I was ready to start on the new Clipse album. I was ready to start on a new Clipse album and he was like, ‘Uh, nah I don’t wanna start on that.’ He was like ‘I’m gonna write this book. So do you wanna go do your solo project? Go do it.’”

Pusha T also touched on working with Kanye West and revealed that fellow rapper Rick Ross was the one who linked him up with West for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“I hooked up with Kanye on this My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album,” Pusha T explained. “Rick Ross actually called me and told me, ‘Yo, you need to come to Hawaii.’ And I was like ‘Why?’ And he was like ‘Yo, I’m over here working on this Kanye album and I think you need to be a part of this’…I went there, packed for a weekend, and stayed for a month. The vibe was just crazy. It was a creative vibe out there.”

While speaking on his latest project, Fear Of God Part 2: Let Us Pray, Pusha T spoke on the power of his numerous guest appearances featured on the album.

“I wanted to let people know this is really something to fear. When you got somebody like myself who can pull this in dog you need to be afraid of it. And this is an EP brother…I want you guys to really know what’s coming. Fans, this is really for ya’ll,” said Pusha T.

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