Fader Magazine and Vitamin Water teamed up with Chi-Town legend Twista to chop it up about his two decade-long career. Twista started out the interview by explaining why he misses the ’90s era of Hip Hop, saying that while digital technology has its benefits, it’s cut a lot of emcees out the money they would have earned fifteen years ago.

“The ’90s was the bomb, that’s an era [of Hip Hop] that’ll never come back,” said Twista. “I would love for rap to be like what is was in the late ’80s, early ’90s. Back then, you could sell music [in large quantities] because we were still somewhat primitive. ‘Technology messed the industry up, and that was hard to re-up [from], so I’ve got to go the independent route to get my stacks up.'”

Twista also talked about representing his Chicago hometown during his twenty year career. He explains that while Chicago poses some dangers to career with the amount of crime that occurs, he’ll rep his city and make sure its up-and-coming emcees get respect.

“I love music so much that no matter what happens in life, I always figure out a way to keeping doing music,” he explained. “At this point in my career, I look at myself as the O.G. of [Chicago]. Not a lot of artists stay in the city of Chicago, so being here knowing that it’s a rough city, if I satay to close to the urban side of the city, somebody might try to plot on me or stick me up…I’m 20 years in the game; there ain’t nothing to really to take from me, so just use me for what I am, the O.G. of the city. I just like to be a part of what I see coming up from my city, and that’s what I’ve always represented from day one.”

Check out the full interview below.

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