B.o.B previously revealed that he enlisted an elusive Andre 3000 for a song off his sophomore album Strange Clouds. Speaking with Gowhere Hip Hop (via HHNM), the Atlanta, Georgia native explained that the song takes the Outkast member’s style to another level and that he considers the look a “passing the torch” moment.

“Man, 3000, we took him to the year 5000 on this one. I feel like it’s a good chance for people to see the differences between me and Dre,” he said. “For me, it’s like a pass the torch moment, like passing the baton off. Now I gotta take it around the track. But man, it’s a really dope song, I’m excited about it. It’s one of the singles off the album Strange Clouds. The clouds can only get stranger from here.”

The Grand Hustle rapper also said that his sophomore album, due in March 2012, one-ups his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He refrained from bragging, but said that sonically, the LP takes his artistry to the next level.

“I don’t really like hyping things up beyond belief and all that shit, but the album is definitely progressed tremendously since the last album. I sacrificed – I ain’t sleep, missing family events, everything. Just basically living in the studio, so this next project, I’m really excited about it.”

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