Joe Budden recently supplied MTV’s RapFix with an update on Slaughterhouse’s Shady Records debut. The New Jersey native said that the album is “90 percent done,” and that it will be preceded by his Feature Presentation EP and followed by his solo album.

“I’ll be the first to say that we’re about ninety percent done,” he said of the Slaughterhouse LP. “We have what I believe to be our single, and what I think will end up being the number one record in the country, easily, by far.

“I’ve heard interviews from Royce, Joell and Crooked I where they said we were seventy-five percent done, but Royce came up to New York and we worked on a few records—I think we’re about ninety five percent done,” he continued. “I’m hoping the first single will come in January or December, but naturally Eminem would have the last word on that.”

Back in September, Royce Da 5’9 said that the group had already recorded 20 songs and were probably going to use 13 of them. In August, Joell Ortiz said that the album was 80 percent completed.

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