Gearing up for his sophomore album Take Care (November 15th), Drake recently spoke with GQ about everything from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne’s beef to his sweater collection. During the chat, he explained that he didn’t feel that Thank Me Later matched his abilities and that it had a trickledown effect.

“I’m in agreeance with that, definitely that combined with the videos for ‘Miss Me’ and ‘Fancy.’ I just watched the videos and was like, ‘What the fuck are these videos about?’ That’s why ‘Fancy’ never came out. It was a weird moment.”

He also touched on the biggest misconception about him, and how fans tend to think he’s overly emotional because of his music. Responding to a question about what he wishes people would stop saying about him, Drizzy said he’d rather that listeners didn’t think he was so “overly emotional.”

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“I wish that we lived in a time and a generation where people would stop viewing my honesty as overly emotional. People always act like I spend my life crying in a dark room. I don’t, I’m good. I’m a man. I want to be remembered as an artist that gave you a piece of me, as opposed to some surface bullshit. I don’t think people realize that we die, we leave here, and either they forget about you or remember you. And how they remember you is up to you. I just want to be remembered as a poet that was open and honest because I wake up every morning and I’m me.”

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