When Tha Carter IV dropped, it seemed a feud was brewing between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne that could lead to more. Weezy took a shot at Jay-Z and Beyonce in what seemed to be retaliation for a line made by Jay-Z. Now, it seems both artists are downplaying any talk of a beef and simply calling it part of Hip Hop. 

During a recent fundraising event for his foundation, Jay-Z swerved away from “negative” discussions about beef, only adding a bit of his take on the war of words. 

“That’s sport, that’s Rap music,” Jay told MTV at his Shawn Carter Foundation’s Making the Ordinary Extraordinary fundraiser. “Nothing is going to change but the participants. I don’t even see why that’s news.”

This stems from Jay-Z’s “baby money” line that was taken as “Baby money.” 

“I’m like, ‘Really, half-a-billi?’ Nigga, really, you got Baby money/ Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money.”

To this, Wayne responded with a line off “It’s Good.” 

“Talkin’ bout Baby money? I got your baby money/ Kidnap your bitch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money.”

Since then, Wayne has also downplayed the talk, saying he knows no repurcussions will come from this back-and-forth.

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