It was inevitable that Asher Roth comparisons would come up once Mac Miller made it big in rap game. Now, as Miller’s brand continues to expand with his debut LP Blue Slide Park already projected to hit it big on the Billboard charts, XXL decided to talk to the Pittsburgh up-and-comer about his Morrisville, PA peer and the lack luster sales of Roth’s 2009 project Asleep in the Bread Aisle.

Mac explains that while he completely respects Asher Roth as an emcee, he knows that Asher got type-casted as a frat rap phenom with his single “I Love College.” Mac even admits that there are a number of similarities between him and Roth, but maintains that he was able to learn from Roth and his SRC/Universal’s mistakes with regard to being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony.

“Asher Roth came out with ‘I Love College’ and that’s not really him as an artist,” said Miller. “He likes to rap his ass off. He likes to spit, and he’s on some positive change the world type shit for the better, and that [song was] not him. They thought that would be a hit song. And I think that was the thing, like, he came out in that lane that they pushed him in and he didn’t wanna go there. He just wants to rap and shit.”

He added, “I have some jams where you’re like, ‘Hell Yeah, these are great to get high to.’ These songs are great to fuck a bitch to. These songs are great for you to sit by yourself and think about some shit. These songs are good for you just to hear someone rap they ass off, so for you to box me into one type of thing is like you kinda being an idiot.”

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