In a blog message to her fans on Monday, Nicki Minaj declared that she would be dropping new music this month via one of her many alter-ego’s, Roman Zolanski. According to Minaj, her Roman counterpart represents the rebellious, aggressive, aspect of her personality, uncontrollable by her or others.

“roman will be in rare form this time. you know why? cuz he no loger gives a fuck,” she wrote. “he has 2 more weeks in boarding school. we’re going to pick him up now. when he lands, he will address the nation in the form of music. he will also announce the date.”

The alter-ego’s return coincides with last year’s Pink Friday release, which debuted in November and featured the Eminem-featured Lil Kim diss, “Roman’s Revenge.”  Minaj posted the message hours ago, but it was recently removed although it is not clear why.

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Although she promised new music in two weeks, she did not announce a new album release date.