Stones Throw artist M.E.D. spoke with Out Da Box TV about his upcoming album, Classic. The artist, who’s also known as Medaphoar, highlighted some serious issues on the LP, most notably the relationship between Latinos and blacks on the track “Blaxican.” 

“‘Blaxican’ is actually like a real case that we deal with on a daily basis with the Hispanics,” he said. “My mom’s Mexican and my dad’s black. So I grew up in an environment where you go to junior high school or elementary with a cat and then when you get into high school, you can’t even talk to the dude in the hallways. I came from Oxnard high school where we had riots every year…it just something that needs to be touched on.”

The album boasts 10 Madlib-produced tracks as well as a few from Alchemist and Oh No. M.E.D. said he is anticipating the album’s reviews, joking that he would get criticized for naming his album “Classic,” and explaining where the name came from. 

“I can’t wait to see all the reviews about the title “Classic.” Niggas gon’ be like ‘Yo, this ain’t classic’ or ‘It’s classic.’ I didn’t do the album calling myself classic like I’m a Biggie Smalls or Jay-Z or like I’m with N.W.A. and them. It’s really classic–just the way I went about the music was just classic format. Just natural music. That’s pretty much the classic feeling is how I came with it.”

Classic dropped on November 1.