MC Hammer took to Twitter on Wednesday (October 26) morning to join the thousands that now accuse Oakland police officers of abuse due to their tactics in dealing with Occupy Oakland protesters.

The protesters, Oakland, California’s version of the Occupy Wall Street anti-greed protesters, were met with tear gas and rubber bullets on Wednesday. Dozens were arrested at what has been described by many as an otherwise peaceful protest.

The unabated abuse of the PEOPLE can never be tolerated !!! They were expressing systemic frustration and pain, peacefully. #OOAK
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You knew this would happen. You cannot eliminate the middle class and expect quiet resolution. #occupyoakland
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Now is the time to define who is the 1% There are many who are successful and give to Causes that impact the community directly.
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If Oakland is to be the Lamb, then someone step forward and tell them in no uncertain terms what the DEMANDS are. We THINK here.
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“I made the decision with the team that was in place to put an end to what I see as a very critical situation that posed a significant risk,” said City Administrator Deanna Santana in defense of the police action.

Watch a news report on the Occupy Oakland protests below, courtesy of ABC News:

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