Earlier in the year, much was made of Wale and Kid Cudi squashing their short-lived beef. Now, the two have a record titled “Focused” on Wale’s upcoming album, Ambition.

“This was one of the first songs recorded for the album,” explained the Washington, D.C. native in an interview with Complex. “The song stands for something. The album’s called Ambition, and it stands for the younger guys wanting more, working harder, and getting through things.

“A lot of rappers before us let their grudges with each other ruin their [relationships when they were coming up] together. I ain’t got to name drop, but a lot of rappers weren’t cool with each other until they were—not to say past their prime—but their young energy wasn’t there. Some guys, we never ever heard together—for whatever reasons.

“It’s like the exclamation point after the word ambition. It’s the exclamation point to this feeling or this stage in my career. Cudi came back from inner demons,” added Wale, alluding to rumors of drug use surrounding Cudi. “I came back from not knowing what was gonna happen with [my career]. We made it, we healthy, we got our fans, and this one’s for you motherfuckers.”

Wale also discussed, more broadly, reconciling with Cudi. “You got to understand where [me and Cudi’s] relationship is: That’s the homie right there. He know that it ain’t nothing for me. Like I just did a song with Chip Tha Ripper with no questions asked—no money or calling managers. It was just understood. I could be doing no features. I could be working on my stuff, but he know he always got one with me. There’s a couple of niggas that always got one with me, no matter where they are in their career.”

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