Last week, Talib Kweli appeared at the Occupy Wall Street protest, performing a new song “Distraction” and Black Star‘s “Thieves in the Night.” Speaking with NYDN, Kwe explained why he ventured down to the Financial District in New York City, New York, stating that he was taken by the movement.

“I’m not aligned with everyone politically who is there,” he said. “But I was overwhelmed by seeing democracy in action. You have to see how dedicated these people are to creating social awareness and creating a platform for us to talk about issues … disparities in our country.”

The Brooklyn, New York native revealed that he considered making a video for “Distraction,” but thought that viewers might perceive the clip as taking advantage of the situation to promote his music. He did state that another visit to Zuccotti Park will most likely occur. “I’m positive I’ll go back,” he said.

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