Following the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, several Hip Hop artist have expressed their condolences. Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, RJD2, Kreayshawn and Souls of Mischief’s Tajai Massey spoke on Jobs’ impact on society and how his history is etched in stone.

“Apple directly impacted my world of music (read:career) most with the advent of really fast laptops,” said RJD2. “I use my macbook pro for so many musical things, and a variety of applications. The consumer in me appreciates the ipod, as a device, as well. Also, on the business side, I can’t imagine running a label without a mac laptop.”

“RIP Steve Jobs,” added Kreayshawn. “If it wasn’t for him me and alot of artists wouldn’t have the digital proficiency that we do today. Buying my first MacBook was a huge change in my life for me and it also helped me make sense of  all the arts that I can accomplish on one piece of technology created a man named Steve Jobs.”

Tajai Massey also remembered his contributions to technology. “Because of #SteveJobs there are millions more like him. He helped create a platform for creation and made it cool, slick and easy,” he said. “My first apple was a IIgs. Then I got the first Mac. Then the first PowerBook. Then the first color PowerBook. Then a PowerPC tower. Then an iMac. Then a Power Mac Tower. Then another PowerBook. I type these words on an iPhone. I am a die-hard Mac head.”