RJD2 and Aaron Livingston have teamed up under the name Icebird and announced their group’s debut The Abandoned Lullaby, releasing October 11th via RJD2’s RJ’s Electrical Connections imprint.

The duo first collaborated on “Crumbs off the Table,” a cut included on RJD2’s Colossus. Hitting it off, the producer and soul singer decided to put their chemistry towards a full-length project.

“I went into The Abandoned Lullaby knowing my role exactly,” says RJD2. “Both the engineering and producing – I was able to focus on both here totally, more than almost anything I’ve done before.”

Icebird released its first single “Going And Going. And Going,” which sees Livingston playing with verbiage. “Language is always a code, and I wanted to use that idea to expand the range of what I can sing and say,” he explains.

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