Months after signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, Ohio rapper Stalley spoke with XXL magazine about signing to the label, hitting the road with Ross, and reissuing his album Lincoln Way Nights.

“I just got a call from Ross one day randomly and he told me that he wanted to basically have me come down and chop it up with him. See how they operate,” Stalley explained. “They was on the road for the first leg of the I Am Music tour. So it was something that I got to see, him and his element in every way. From just working on music in the hotel room to going out on stage to just vibing out with everybody that was a part of his team. So it was a good thing to be able to see that, to see how he moved…I was welcomed and it was welcoming.”

Later this year Stalley plans on reissuing his album Lincoln Way Nights, the reissue will feature several new songs as well as videos and behind the scenes footage.

“I’m excited about it honestly. We got about four or five new songs on there. A lot of videos and some behind the scenes footage for like a deluxe pack,” said Stalley. “And then we have the regular version with the same new tracks just not with the videos and things like that. Young Guru and Tony [Dorsey], we mixed and remastered the project. It sounds like a movie.”

The Lincoln Way Nights reissue will be released on November 1st. 

[September 28]

UPDATE: Officially announcing his signing to Maybach Music Group, Stalley has revealed the tracklist for the upcoming reissue of Lincoln Way Nights, releasing November 1st. Pre-order at Amazon and check the tracklist below.

1. The Tune Up
2. See the Milq From My Chevy
3. Slapp feat. Rashad
4. 330
5. Chimes of Freedumb feat. Rashad
6. The Night feat. Rashad
7. Pound
8. Sound of Silence
9. She Hates the Bass
10. Hard
11. Chevys and Space Ships
12. Go On
13. Milq n Honey
14. Tell Montez I Love Her 
15. Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)
16. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop)
17. Summer in America feat. Rashad
18. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop-Remix) feat. Rick Ross 

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