Rapper/producer Pharrell Williams had more than just a few kind words for up and coming singer/songwriter Frank Ocean in his interview with Vibe Magazine.

Pharrell referred to the singer as “incredible” and even went so far as to refer to Ocean as the “black James Taylor.”

“Frank Ocean is incredible. We worked together too. Frank Ocean to me is a singer/songwriter, but his album itself is incredible,” Pharrell revealed.

The producer went on to explain that he met Ocean at the Coachella Music Festival in California earlier this year and ended up working with the artist after their meeting.

“We met at Coachella. I told him, ‘Man, I like what you do. Let’s do something.’ And we ended up working. He’s super talented. He is to me. He’s like the black James Taylor,” said Pharrell. “He’s lyrical. He’s got a great perspective and super sick melodies. I haven’t seen anybody bob and weave through chords with such catchy melodies in a long time. That’s why I like working with him.”

Pharrell is said to be working with Ocean on his debut album.

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