Although rapper/producer Pharrell Williams has been quite busy promoting his new liquor, Qream Liqueur, he’s still managed to work with some of music’s biggest names including Jay-Z, Gloria Estefan, and Mary J. Blige.

Pharrell spoke briefly with Vibe Magazine about his work with Jay-Z, but he remained relatively secretive when it came to revealing any additional details of the project.

“I’m working with him [Jay-Z], but he’s not talking about what he’s doing. What he needs I got ‘em. I just can’t go into—that guy just does things the way he wants to do ‘em,” Pharrell explained. “But yea, it’s some magic…I don’t wanna talk too much about what I’m doing. Only because I just like for it to smack, ‘Pow!’”

On top of his work with Jay-Z, Pharrell also contributed to Mary J. Blige’s upcoming album titled My Life 2: The Journey Continues as well as a project for producer/singer The Dream.

“The Mary stuff is sick. [She’s] on her A-game right now. Her new album is incredible and I’m honored to be a part of it,” said Pharrell. “Shout out to The Dream too. I did something for him and we’re getting ready to go in.”

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