Odd Future resident crooner Frank Ocean recently paid a visit to Hot 97 to speak with Angie Martinez for a rare interview. During the conversation, the singer-songwriter spoke on recording with The Throne (“No Church in the Wild,”  “Made in America”) and how Jay-Z made him nervous at first.

“I rarely do collabs, so that was just one of the ones you absolutely do. It’s like a no-brainer. I didn’t really think about any of it,” he said. “The first seven minutes or so of working with Jay – I won’t even say it was seven minutes, but the initial walk in, sit down, put your bag down, he wasn’t saying anything and I was nervous. But as soon as we started talking… He was super cool. I think he was just trying to make me nervous, make me sweat. It seemed a little intentional. It was all good. We were laughing.”

He explained that he recorded with Jay for his solo album first, and that his sessions for The Throne came later.

“I worked with Jay, just me and Jay, on his album, his solo album, before I did the Watch the Throne sessions,” he continued. “But the second time I went, I walked into a room, it was Barry Weiss, Jay, Beyonce, Kanye, a couple other people in the room. It was a pretty heavy room. I got a panda hat on my head.”

Listen to the rest of the interview below, where he speaks on his major label debut, Odd Future and more. 

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