Odd Future recently announced that Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Taco Bennett and Lionel Boyce are prepping the release of their Adult Swim sketch comedy show, “Loiter Squad.” In his first weekly column for LA Weekly, Boyce explained how the foursome was given creative reign and what it was like to film the show.


“Taco, Jasper Dolphin, Tyler and I filmed a pilot for our own TV show on Adult Swim earlier this summer,” he wrote. “What’s really cool is we also were a major part of the creative side. We did the writing for most of the skits, and Tyler handled the music for the most part. Dickhouse, the company that filmed Jackass, did all of the filming for us, and we would spend the entire day going around different areas of Los Angeles.”

He noted that filming the show was enjoyable thanks to Dickhouse Productions, which was also behind Jackass.

“What’s great about working with Dickhouse is that they have a great sense of humor and we all found the same things funny, so there would be jokes and pranks going on throughout the whole day of filming,” he wrote. “The show was a dream come true for us because we had been talking about it for years while sitting at Wendy’s and eating applewood-smoked bacon cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. Doing this show is one of my goals in life along with other stuff.”

Read the full post over at LA Weekly.

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