Ahead of the release of Freestyle Fellowship’s new album The Promise (October 4th), member Myka 9 will drop his new solo album Mykology a day prior via SoundVise Records.

Myka 9’s fifth solo LP has already spawned the track “Oh Yeah… Alright” featuring Aceyalone, Casual, Sunspot Jonz and Kirby Dominant, as well as the video for “I Must Cross” that can be viewed below.


1. Bright Flashbacks
2. Mind Right
3. Where Would You Be
4. Oh Yeah…Alright feat. Aceyalone, Casual, Sunspot Jonz and Kirby Dominant
5. Hey
6. Breathin’ Down Your Back
7. I Must Cross feat. Viveca Hawkins
8. Trimming
9. Tell Me
10. Face of a Waterfall
11. Don’t You Go

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