Kool G. Rap and Necro are currently working on a full-length album titled The Godfathers, which came about after the latter got in touch with the veteran MC to record what began as an EP. Speaking with Platform8470.com, the Juice Crew alum spoke on how the project is shaping up.

A lot of people can only imagine. But since both of us are like similar in what we do, we’re both like raw, underground spitters, they will have an idea already,” he said. “We’re both rappers with a sophisticated flow, multisyllabic. It’s that hardcore rugged attack, that griminess. For instance, if I was to name some records that you can compare this project to, you can expect to hear a Necro – G, Rap ‘Men At Work’ or ‘Wanted: Dead Or Alive,’ or ‘Poison’. This project is right along the lines of that, but very much 2011-ish.”

Reflecting on the tracks they’ve cut so far, Kool stated that he’s “impressed” by what they’ve cooked up.

“I’m amped up and charged. I know the people that are waiting and anticipating the project are gonna be completely satisifed. This is gonna be that raw, lyrical, spitting, hardcore, street. I mean all these different things wrapped up into one,” he continued. “The fans out there that are familiar with Necro’s work and my own work, I know their imagination can just put it together on what us two, Necro and G Rap, are gonna do. What we could possible be capable of doing on our own, what we could be doing together, they can only imagine, but they will have some kind of idea.”

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