Evidence collaborated with Raekwon and Ras Kass on “The Red Carpet,” one of the standout cuts from his upcoming sophomore LP Cats & Dogs (September 27th). The cut, produced by The Alchemist, is what Ev considers as one of his most inspired verses to date.

“This song for me, when I wrote the rhyme, this was like the roll out the red carpet, the grand opening. I landed on a new rhyme style, a new rhyme pattern, that I hadn’t really found before,” he said. “But hanging out with Fashawn and Blu and rhyming with Elzhi and Jay Electronica, listening to him a lot, I had been super inspired at that point.”

Explaining that all it took was a chicken parmesan sandwich to get a verse from the Chef, the Dilated Peoples member recalled how he wanted to take “one of the best Alchemist beats to date” and make it even more special.

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“At that point, when I started writing it, I couldn’t even stop. Normally, you live in a 16- or 20- or a 24-bar parameter, but I didn’t even know what it was that day. I just kept writing until I said the last line,” he continued. “At that point, I had two verses, one of which was from one of the greatest rappers to me, Raekwon. Ras Kass was frequenting Alchemist’s stupid at that time, so I just figured, this is my other hero from the West. I got Rae. Let’s put this shit together again.”

Watch the full story below.

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