Though he parted ways with Slum Village after the release of last year’s Villa Manifesto, Elzhi still supports the legacy of the Detroit, Michigan group. Speaking with GWHH, he explained that he’s got a “crazy amount of love” for the legacy of the collective.

“I got a crazy amount of love for the legacy of Slum Village,” he said. “Like I say, Baatin, J. Dilla, come on man. Just to be a part of that whole equation was just incredible to me. It was amazing. I carry that to this day. I carry that love to this day. I do this for Baatin, I do this for J. Dilla.”

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He pointed out how involved in music Dilla and Baatin were, and how he has to “carry that weight” on his back and spread their message.

“JD, he was doing Donuts on his hospital bed, really having love for the music. Baatin, God bless his soul, man. Until his last day on the planet, he was doing music. I feel like I gotta carry that weight and carry that torch for them, and basically excel and get that message out for them. That’s a couple of the reasons why I’m doing this.”

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