The Montreality Show recently caught up with Juicy J and DJ Paul of Tennessee-based Hip Hop group Three 6 Mafia to speak on their past including what the duo purchased with their first big check and the type of students they were in high school.

In the interview Juicy J revealed that most of his time in school was spent writing rhymes.

“I used to be on them chic’s…I used to write a lot of my songs in the classroom too man. I used to just write, beat box, and shit,” said Juicy J.

As far as their first major purchase is concerned both Juicy J and DJ Paul bought vehicles with their first big check.

“I bought a Suburban and I put a VCR player in it, old school,” Project Pat revealed. “VCR player. It was the ninety’s.”

Prior to making money off their music, Juicy J worked at two different grocery stores while Project Pat says he mowed the occasional lawn.  

“Man, I worked at a grocery store. I worked at two grocery stores in my time…I used to walk, sweating on the bus and everything to the grocery store,” Juicy J explained. “That shit’s crazy. Just hustled man. You gotta get it the way you get it.”

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