What is the most Hip Hop-flavored show on television today?  

If you answered “In the Flow with Affion Crockett,” think again. If you answered “that show that’s kinda like a TV version of that movie Office Space,” congratulations on knowing way too much about basic cable programming – and for disrespecting the totally original comedic brilliance that is Workaholics.

Whether trying to help a Justin Bieber-loving child sex predator find a legal love in the form of a female gymnast, or assisting their boss’ mentally challenged – and criminally minded – brother have the night of his life, the Mail Order Comedy group have raised the bar for humor with a heart, while still managing to maintain their rep as the realest show representing the streets since The Wire … or at least since The Wonder Years.     

Two-thirds of the gangsta-ass Dub-lics crew, Anders (a/k/a the tall one) and Blake (a/k/a the one with the hair … and the heroin addiction), took time out of their busy rollin’ dice/filming schedule for the second season of their breakout hit on Comedy Central (premiering this coming Tuesday, September 20th) and during a lunch break chopped it up with HipHopDX about their love of Ludacris’ thespianism, obscure Rap references and Drake’s lady-killer good looks.  

HipHopDX: I just wanna start off by congratulating you guys. Daniel Tosh may be in Time magazine, but you guys are on muthafuckin’ HipHopDX. Congratulations, you finally made it! [Laughs]

Anders: Cool! ‘Preciate that. We feel like we’re making a little something; we get free lunches everyday, so that’s good.  

Blake: Thank You. I’ll take it, dude. I will take that shit.   

DX: [Laughs] Let’s get to the serious investigative questions … Was Adam’s commentary in the “We Be Ballin’” episode – “Did the world know Ludacris could act? 2 Fast 2 Furious, bro’. He murdered it” – was that a shot? ‘Cause if so, you guys clearly haven’t seen Crash, or Hustle & Flow, or any of the other fine films Chris Bridges put in Oscar-worthy performances for.

Anders: No way, dude! We love [Ludacris]. That wasn’t a shot. It’s a fact.  

Blake: Dude, are you saying we have shots fired at Ludacris? There’s no way. Dude, Luda is our boy – I mean, we’ve never met him, but I know for a fact that we’re all huge fans … of everything he does. And he’s always welcome on our set. If he wanted to put in a performance, I know we’d be more than happy to have him.      

DX: You guys do show plenty of genuine love to rappers on the show, but what the hell is an “Icelandic Raekwon?” [Laughs]

Blake: [Laughs] Well, I’m guessing it’s some form of a snow-covered Wu-Tang Clan member …. A red-headed, maybe Action Bronson-looking type fella.

DX: Oh! Whoa, whoa, an Action Bronson reference. Wow, you really do read HipHopDX.

Blake: We do; we know what’s up.  

Anders: [The “Icelandic Raekwon” is] just me, man. That’s just the ice blood flowing through my veins! That’s the thing is that like, we could say “Snoop Dogg” or whatever, but Raekwon is a little deeper cut for Hip Hop enthusiasts, so … We like to let people know we got our ear to the street – it might not be a street in the hood, but we have it to the street.

DX: A street. [Laughs]

Anders: Yeah, a street. It might be just like Maple Avenue or some shit.   

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Partying With the Juggalos
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DX: [Laughs] What kind of feedback have you guys received from “walking, talking diarrhea people” worldwide after the “Straight Up Juggahos” episode?   

Blake: [Laughs] I was a little scared, and I definitely got tweeted at by like one of the Twiztid dudes. But, I don’t think they watched the episode before they were getting mad about it. But as far as I know, we got some love from the I.C.P. camp, the Juggalos. I was a little bit worried, I’ll be honest, but I was equally upset to find out that we weren’t invited to The Gathering this year. I totally woulda rolled. I mean, there were pictures of so many chicks with just titties floppin’ out – not necessarily grade A titties, but titties nonetheless.     

DX: [Laughs] At least you guys will always have the Harry Potter fanatics in your corner after the “Wizard Rap.” [Laughs]

Blake: Yeah, absolutely. We roll with a pack of nerd gangsters.

Anders: Exactly. [The Wizards are] selling some [Purple Magic] albums on iTunes. … Before anything happened with the show, we sold like a hundred albums just on Internet videos that we had done and people knowing about it that way. And then since the show, it’s – I wouldn’t say has blown up, but it’s on its way.  

DX: Yeah, I think the more people see “Straight Outta Mordor” it’s gonna start flying off the shelves. [Laughs]

Anders: Yeah. That was a fun video to shoot. That was cool.

DX: Please tell me the dueling erections at the end of that episode, [“Muscle I’d Like To Flex”], were CGI or Claymation or something, and not method acting. [Laughs]

Blake: [Laughs] That woulda been really messy if it was Claymation, ‘cause it was pretty hot that day, and you woulda just seen like gray clay melting down [their] legs.

Anders: It wasn’t method … unless the method was shoving two dildos down your pants. So we definitely sent our props people to the sex shop to pick up some … stiff props.

DX: Some Boogie Nights.

Anders: Exactly. It was boogie days … with friends and family on the set that day.

Blake: And [that’s] not to say that neither ‘Ders or Adam is packing heat, ‘cause they definitely are. Big dicks swingin’! But it’s just hard to maintain an erection in front of that many people. You can ask any porn star.  

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Fully Torqued
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DX: Seriously though, do you guys worry at all that erection humor might ruin your street cred with the Hip Hop community?

Anders: Well, shit, I mean, the ‘90s were all about grabbing your dick in Hip Hop anyway, so we’re trying to bring it back.  

Blake: Until we have an episode where we find one of us sucking each other’s dicks, I’m not too worried. It’s nothing but jokes; we’re just joking around. We’re not trying to get too wild and crazy with naked dudes.  

DX: [Laughs] Since this is a Hip Hop website, I have to ask when are you guys gonna start having rapper cameos on the show so you can start hangin’ out with Drake and Rick Ross and all the real comedic actors in Hip Hop?

Anders: Dude, no joke, we were joking about – no joke, we were joking today about trying to get Drake on an episode. But you know, I’m not saying he would big-time us, but he is big time, so who knows if he has any time to kick it with some dudes on a basic cable show anymore.

DX: [Laughs] You guys gonna put him back in a wheelchair? [Laughs]

Anders: Dude, that would be hot! I would be fully down for having him just roll up like, “What’s up guys? I’m the new, good-looking dude in the office who’s in a wheelchair,” that like, still fucks way more than we do.

Or Luda. If Luda’s interested, ‘Cris come on through.

DX: [Laughs] Oh, man. Okay, lastly – just sorta the standard question – what happens to Anders, Adam and Blake this fall? Give your new friends at HipHopDX a sneak peek into what they should expect to see y’all getting into in season two.

Anders: Uh … more frontal nudity – more male frontal nudity. Uh … let’s see, the comedian Lavell [Crawford] comes on the show. We got him in the mix. And what else? We try and quit drinking. So, you’ll see how that goes. It’s basically just dumber and crazier than the first season. … I just remembered for the episode where we quit drinking, we see what it’s like – I think we left it in – to see three white dudes freestyle rapping while they’re not drunk. So it’s like, “Let’s just do all the same stuff we do,” and it’s like, we’re playing beer pong but there’s no beer in there. And then we’re freestyle rapping together, but it’s just not – doesn’t work. So, as far as Hip Hop goes, that’s how we bring it.