Ever since Jay-Z and Nas took their beef to wax in 2001, Hip Hop fans and emcees alike have endlessly debated who won the battle.

The debate continues, as Jadakiss and Kendrick Lamar took opposing sides of the debate for VIBE.com.

I didn’t really like the ‘Takeover’ beat,” admitted Jadakiss. “But the words—you know what the words are! It’s like the Declaration of Independence on the battle tip. What he’s saying is crazy. I like the laaaaayyyyymmmmme part. It was heavy, but Nas’ ‘Ether’ sits on the mantle when it comes to battle songs.”

Kiss added that “Ether” gets an “A-Plus grade.”

Kendrick Lamar, however, took Jay-Z’s corner in the debate. “Truthfully, I felt like everybody wanted to go against Jay-Z because Nas was the underdog. But I was riding with Jay because he was saying more facts. ‘Ether’ was powerful, but I always thought Jay had the upper hand.”

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