On this year’s Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, Raekwon suggested that he would release the third installment of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, but that there were no immediate plans set in stone.

Speaking with Wall Street Journal, the Wu-Tang Clan member explained that he’s still mulling over recording the album, and that it all depends on timing. “The fans are really calling for this album, so we still deciding,” he said. “Everything’s gonna happen when it’s time. Right now I’m just trying to continue to move forward in a great way. The next project that I drop out as an album will be powerful.”

While fans might have to wait for the third release in the series, the Chef promises that a collaboration with Kanye West surface in the near future. “You’re gonna see something soon with me and that guy. That guy’s on fire right now and he respects real hip-hop, he respects me,” said Rae. “And he’s like, ‘Yo Chef, I wanna be down and I’m like, you down, you down, [laughs] so let’s just make it happen!’”

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