In footage obtained for, rapper Method Man spoke on fellow artist Shyheim while working with him in the studio to record a new LP.

While taking a break from recording Method Man compared Shyheim to fellow rapper Lil Wayne and said that Shyheim should be right up there with the likes of Lil Wayne at awards shows.

“And I’m pretty sure that if Shy [Shyheim] was of age at the time all this stuff was happening he’d still be where he was at. You know what I’m saying? At that fuckin peak where it’s like right now I’d be watching the MTV Video Awards and shit, talking to Lil Wayne about the game and shit or sitting right next to the nigga,” Method Man explained. “Cause he from that same grain. And not for nothing I know he still got it cause he’s still young. So he can still do it. I just don’t see little Shyheim anymore. I see Shy the man.”

Shyheim is said to have been one of the youngest Wu Tang Clan affiliates and has gone on to release five solo albums including his debut AKA The Rugged Child.

It is unclear when Shyheim’s project with Method Man will be released.

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