It looks like Diddy, the RZA and 50 Cent aren’t the only people looking to rival Dr. Dre in the headphone game. Now, one of Beats By Dre’s former partners Kevin Lee is launching a new competing company SOL Republic.

According to, Lee, a one-time member of the Beats By Dre family and son of Monster’s founder Noel Lee, has launched his own line of custom headphones, SOL Republic. Although the company will have a similar focus with regard to mixing fashion and high quality headphones, Lee explains that SOL will offer fans their headphones at a reduced price, ranging between $50 and $150.

“I’m very excited about the success of Beats [By Dre] because it’s a proven concept that people will care about sound, especially young kids,” he said. “With that proof-of-concept in place, I looked at the marketplace and said there is still a huge missing element, which is great sound at a mid-price point.”

The headphones will come in two varieties, one in which the amplifiers go over the listener’s head and the other in an earbud model. SOL’s products will also feature the option of high definition and standard quality sound.

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