Mac Miller is currently at work on his upcoming Rostrum Records debut Blue Slide Park, but his single is arriving shortly. Speaking with MTV’s RapFix Live, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania kid revealed that his first single, titled “Frick Park Market,” is produced by production team ID Labs and will arrive today at 6 p.m.

“Man, it’s just the jam. It’s just the jam, that’s all I can say. The video is about to be crazy. You’re gonna see a whole new side of me,” he said of the song’s title, taken from the name of a local deli. “I can’t describe it. I’ll say that we worked our asses off making this video and spent two 17-hour days just doing nothing but filming and working and setting up shop. I wanted to make sure there was nothing more I could’ve done.”

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He previously explained why he named his album Blue Slide Park, a nostalgic nod to his Pittsburgh upringing.

“It’s a spot that we hung out at as little kids. But then we came back when we got older and drank and smoked there. It was the hangout spot. So it’s just a spot for a lot of people’s first memories,” he said. “I remember parties there, running from the cops, just a lot of stuff that I’ve done. Everything from when I was like 6 years old to memories of last night.”

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