Rapper Game made headlines for all the wrong reasons last week when the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department opened a criminal investigation in response to his tweeting the phone number for the sheriff’s Compton station.

In response, Game conducted an interview with CNN recently to explain the matter.

“One of my boys picked up my phone and started tweeting random numbers,” he explained. The tweets came sometime after an earlier tweet when Game advertised that he was looking for interns. “The tweet about the internship was earlier in that day. It got lost in the media… He never sent out a tweet that said ‘these numbers are for an internship.’ He just tweeted a bunch of numbers jokingly.”

Game reiterated that the tweet about the internship had been made earlier in the day, and that the tweets with the phone numbers were made in the evening.

“I never want to be the source of anything wrong happening to anybody, or anyone not being able to get through to help lines at the police station. But it’s a ten-digit toll-free number, and when people are in trouble, they call 911.”

“I don’t ever want to see anyone get hurt. I got kids at home, I got a woman at home. My sincerest apologies to the sheriff’s department, but it was a joke gone wrong.”

Addressing the potential legal consequences, the West Coast emcee said, “If my apologies aren’t enough…If anybody wants to take it further than that, then I have to do what I have to do. I never intended for anyone to take it the wrong way or for it to go this far.”

UPDATE: The sheriff’s department issued a statement saying that his apology was “relevant and well received.”

“His willingness to help share with the media and the community that the safety of the public is what is most important, is a great message,” the department said. “Based upon our investigation, as well as consultation with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the LASD considers the criminal investigation into this matter closed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will not be seeking criminal charges.”

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