Former Odd Future member Casey Veggies has been finding success on his own, making waves with his Sleeping in Class mixtape. Speaking with Distortion 2 Static, the Los Angeles, California upstart recently spoke on who’s been on his playlist as influence, naming Kanye West and Nas as some of his favorites.

“When I was younger, definitely it was Kanye West, The College Dropout album, back in the day. Nas’ Illmatic album influenced me heavily. Just life in general. All my music is really based off of everyday emotions and stuff like that. I gotta live it to write it, so that’s how I break,” he said.

He also expressed his desire to have a career with longevity in the game, even though he’s already traveled far to get where he is today. “I started at like 12, 13 and then we just built it up from the ground. It’s beautiful, everything’s natural. So it’s just beautiful,” he said. “I just been working at it for four years and now I’m trying to get better and better, stay in the game.”

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