A former band member of Lauryn Hill’s band has filed suit against the singer for more than $20,000, claiming that he was stiffed out of thousands of dollars after going on tour.

According to TMZ, guitarist Jay Gore claims that Ms. Hill was verbally abusive to band members on her 2007 European tour. After each show, she “would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating. […] At one point, Hill made a statement in front of the tour personnel to the effect that ‘I can’t believe I am paying you fools, you should be paying me.'”

He also claims that she “exhibited the type of behavior for which she had gained public notoriety which contributed to a hostile work environment.”

His lawyer, Nicholas Andrea, explains that other band members have been “reluctant to stand up for their rights” and that “this lawsuit gives them a voice as well.”

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