Between tour dates and recording sessions for Yelawolf‘s upcoming album Radioactive, CCS Blog managed to caught up with him to chat about his skateboarding past and musical future.

The Alabama native, who has made it known that skateboarding was his first passion, still recalls the point where he chose to give it up. “In 2000 I kept getting hurt, and was no longer motivated to throw myself down shit,” he said. “I became a ledge skater, flatground…cruising fun shit only.”

The switch hasn’t been too painful though, especially since Yela thinks that music and skateboarding bear similarities to each other. “It’s amazing, they’re one in the same,” he continued. “The work it takes to make it is all independent. That’s a really big question–but yes, they mirror each other for me.”

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He also talked about the immediate musical connection he shared with Travis Barker, after the two were introduced by Rob Dyrdek. “It made all the sense in the world. We kicked it, talked some shit and did a record just like that,” he said. “And we started just tossing back and forth ideas after that over the phone or email. Next thing you know, we had like four records in the works and two features out together.” 

Yelawolf’s Shady Records debut Radioactive is current scheduled for release in September.

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